Citizen Journalism and Liberty Movement Being Targeted Worldwide

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IRIS · · December 13, 2016 – Updated December 15, 2016

Update 1: For all we know, the declarations of war on the free press and citizen journalism may very well be a result of inter-agency warfare. Between the CIA and the NSA, for example? Sounds very plausible and it makes a lot of sense, and it would explain why on Earth such alleged secrets and ultra sensitive data and events have been getting prime-time exposure by the mainstream press. Destroy the opposing or competing agency and get rewarded with its annual budget.


When the European parliament (November 23, 2016), the US House of Representatives (November 30, 2016) and the US Senate (December 8, 2016) voted in favor of their respective bills and resolution most people in the world were – and still are – unaware of the actual reasoning behind these bold moves, detailed in these documents that will become laws at one point in time.

Under the guise of countering “Russian propaganda” and “islamic extremism” the three aforementioned governmental bodies have in fact declared war on anyone who dares to disagree (publicly) with their doctrines.

In reality the measures that they allow themselves to take and the tools they allow themselves to deploy are not merely to address Russia’s propaganda machine and the “ISIS” radicals.

At an alarming pace are we, the free world, being indoctrinated about alleged “fake news”. This is, in fact, a simplification of the complex reality.

Although, indeed, there is fake news being published on a daily basis, as well by alternative as mainstream media outlets, it is really not that kind of infotainment that is targeted and described as fake news.

As the days go by it gets clearer and clearer that fake news for the press and the EU and US governments actually means the free press.

In reality they mean and want to target the uncontrolled and uncensored press, the alternative media and the citizens journalism projects.

Calling alternative views and independent voices fake news and echo chambers of the Russian propaganda ministry is a cheap shot but a very dangerous and severe one at the same time.

When one loses the right to peacefully express his or her opinions and views then all of us are being silenced eventually.

These developments have been building up incrementally over the years and what we witness today and during the past weeks is merely the manifestation of old and wicked political agendas.

It is important that people recognize this major threat and respond accordingly and decisively.

IRIS will not stand by to let this consume us too. We will continue to defend our and YOUR right to free speech, regardless of the fact that we may not share the same ideas with others. When you are silenced we are silenced and to fight THAT is exactly why IRIS was created.

December 13, 2016