Podesta “Typo” is a Fake News Story that Is Destroying the Entire Media Spectrum’s Credibility – Both Mainstream AND Alternative

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IRIS · ir-is.org · December 17, 2016

In all honesty, it is beyond our comprehension how such a transparent lie can actually captivate and ensnare the full media spectrum, from the so-called real news (mainstream) to the so-called fake news (alternative)

The case of the “Podesta Typo” is already living a life of its own and quite frankly we feel seriously offended by the fact that we have to actually write about how folks have been duped into believing and accepting as real the easily proven lie that John Podesta’s email was hacked through the use of a phishing email from Gmail.

It makes no sense at all that the explanation therefore is being reduced to a simple “typo” and we at IRIS refuse to be spoon-fed such ludicrous nonsense that, nonetheless, a likely majority of the public has already processed as a real event and as a fact of reality.

It is claimed by the press, and parroted by the so-called alternative media, that the hacking of Podesta’s email happened after he received a phishing email in his Gmail inbox saying that someone had obtained his password. The event was allegedly brought to the attention of an IT guy at the Clinton presidential campaign who allegedly responded with:

“This is a legitimate email. John needs to change his password immediately”

Later the Clinton campaign came out and said that the above sentence actually contained THE typo, in that the word “legitimate” was actually meant to be “illegitimate“.

The press ran with this flimsy excuse as if it concerned a world shocking development without precedent.

Today, and during the past days, the alternative media on their turn are feeding this nonsense to their audiences too as if they have just found a mother lode. The holy grail of the Clinton email spectacle.

What both media blocks apparently seem to miss here – maybe even deliberately for all we know – is the fact that that excuse holds no water whatsoever.

Imagine the very sentence being, allegedly:

“This is a illegitimate email. John needs to change his password immediately”

Can you see the stupidity in this suggested explanation?

Remember that message came, allegedly, from an IT expert, who is assumed to be paid to solve situations like this all the time.

It makes no sense for any IT guy to write to his client or employer that they should change their password simply based on a spam email in one’s Gmail inbox. Imagine that anyone, especially an IT guy (or girl), would constantly change their passwords for every time such a spam email is received, they’d be changing passwords several times per day because anyone with an active email account receives such emails constantly.

You receive this kind of mails for your PayPal account, your Hotmail account, your Yahoo account, your Outlook account your Facebook account, your Twitter account and so on and so on. If for every such email for any such accounts you’d change your passwords, you’d be doing nothing else every time you are online. You literally wouldn’t have the time to do anything else at all.

Furthermore, what the claimed sentence should have been to make any sense at all, coming from an IT expert, is this:

“This is an illegitimate email. Disregard it and don’t click anything. Just mark that email as “spam” and delete it.”

For some reason, no one in the press spectrum is making this obvious remark. No one is doubting the motives here, no one is skeptic about the typo in any way. All we have is mindless reposting and social media frenzies being staged by the entire media spectrum, regardless of the truth and the way the press outlets will be viewed in the future for the feeding of this insanity.

The bottom line is this: The entire typo excuse is PROVABLY false, it’s a ruse. The entire hacking claim is false – a hoax – and ‘the Russians did it’ narrative is therefore also entirely fabricated since no evidence exists to prove us otherwise.

At IRIS we already knew that the truth had died in the media, that it was murdered by the media, but we would have never imagined that we would be forced into drawing attention to something so transparently obvious that apparently the whole media spectrum is refusing to report about in the correct way.

December 17, 2016