IRIS to Help Counter Online “Propaganda Bubbling”

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IRIS · · December 19, 2016

UPDATE: Effectively stop #PropagandaBubbling with

As it was expected, in the aftermath of the EU parliament (November 23, 2016), the US House of Representatives (November 30, 2016) and the US Senate (December 8, 2016) passing their respective resolution and bills, and of Hillary Clinton’s initiation of her Purple Revolution (November 9, December 8 – 2016), Facebook and other social media networks are actively switching to higher gears in their efforts to suppress the distribution of independent and citizen journalism, effectively downsizing and limiting the perception and realities of hundreds of millions of internet users – who admittedly get roughly 60% of their ‘news’ through these social networks.


In the coming weeks and months we will all be witnessing the effects of the newly announced counter measures that both governments and corporate organizations are going to roll out internationally in their attempts to safeguard the survival and further unchallenged existence of the old news spectrum that includes all major news agencies and government propaganda arms of the western(-ized) world.

In their grand plan they will switch to the act of propaganda bubbling in ways and to extents that the world has not yet experienced.

Propaganda bubbling is the act of isolating individuals in their own information or propaganda bubble by an outside or higher power and following the rules of that power.

In reality, a propaganda bubble will see to it that a person is only being fed political correct and “fact-checked” news, reports and infotainment. Any signs of deviation from the approved information path will be excluded from these propaganda bubbles for each and every internet user, and especially when they are on Facebook and Twitter.

The News feeds on those websites and the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing for instance, will be fine-tuned in such ways that only mainstream and controlled and scripted opposing views and commentary will be streamed therein and made available to the unwitting users.

A propaganda bubble is, thus, far more worrying and dangerous than merely a filter bubble. A propaganda bubble is literally weaponized. It’s the result of a far-reaching and highly intrusive concerted government and corporate (fascist?) effort of overtly engaging (attacking) a national and foreign audience with highly advanced information warfare campaigns.

Most people are in their current state of being not armed, at all, to first of all recognize the strategies and techniques, let alone be able to resist or deflect such propaganda bubbling and related psychological operations and weapons.

In this same time frame, the coming weeks and months, IRIS will be one of the – hopefully – many organizations out there that will roll out their own counter measures to these highly advanced information warfare campaigns and tools for the public, in order for everyone, willing, to be able to restore the balance and secure the very survival of free minds and free peoples.

The stakes have never been higher and failure is not an option!

December 19, 2016