IRIS Launches – Information Warfare Counter Measure Through Bitmessage

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IRIS · · December 23, 2016

On the same day that BitWars was launched it is highly likely that also several other great counter measures in the 21st century’s information war were introduced and activated.

Most people still don’t realize it but society has dramatically changed in late 2016. Not the least because a hot war was declared on the free minds of this world.

Now more than ever, all of us have to harness the powers and resources that are still left over for us. The internet is certainly at the top of that list and it is through the internet that the BitWars will be fought AND WON.

Through the bitmessage communication network we are going to wage this war on the same levels and with similar mindsets as those who have declared this war upon us all. is the main base through which we are gathering stampedes of free minds and defenders of liberty from around the world.

Unless the very backbone of the internet is taken down or is sabotaged extensively beyond today’s point, and unless the information terror alliance resorts to literal executions of our staff and our supporters the BitWars campaigns and actions will flip the balances back in favor of the free world.

Through our combined efforts we will be able to successfully push back the epidemic hazards of oppression, tyranny and weaponized information dissemination by a coward alliance that dares to call itself friends and bringers of democracy.

Stand with us, stand with BitWars as we set out to defend and bring back your undisputed liberty!


December 23, 2016