IRIS and BitWars Break Mainstream Media’s Blackout of the Assassination of NATO Chief Auditor Yves Chandelon

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IRIS · · December 26, 2016 · News Wire #005


Get familiarized with BitWars, it might very well be our last line of defense!



Together with the help of many, many, folks from around the world we have been able to finally break the concerted silence in the English-language mainstream press regarding the assassination of NATO’s Chief Auditor Yves Chandelon.

During a tiring 48 hours non-stop information campaign we have worked hard to reach out to the world to such an extent that the story about Chandelon has become impossible to be sent into the memory hole successfully without the press losing face, credibility and income from advertising and government sponsorships.

Today, at least one mainstream newspaper, The Express (with a global Alexa rank of 1,185), published at least on their website the existence of the case involving the mysterious death of Chandelon.

In their article they do also refer to that specific fact that we pushed so hard in our communications with our supporters online and through the bitmessage system communications, that are since yesterday really picking up speed (folks are finally seeing the need for communication alternatives) – that the alleged pistol that was used to kill Chandelon was found in the glove compartment of his car and not in his hand or beside his body.

Also remarkable, The Express doesn’t mention anything about the alleged suicide note that was found, which we believe was never real at all to begin with. The Express has had plenty of time to go through all the foreign media reports so for sure they must have stumbled upon references to the alleged suicide note, but found it unworthy to report about in their article.


What we also want to add to this today is that NATO DID INDEED order the hit on Chandelon, the media blackout eliminates all other options entirely. For instance, they would have had an easy job to find a patsy, or an illegal immigrant in Belgium or France, who would be “the killer” who would then later be found dead too after a shootout with local police, standard MO. We didn’t see that here, all we had was complete silence. “Nothing to see here, move on folks.”

In any other options, NATO would have given itself a reason to exist had they claimed that the Russian government was responsible, in any remote and fabricated way, for the murder of Yves Chandelon, also that we haven’t seen happening.

What all this means is that NATO never wanted anyone to know about his ASSASSINATION, a local rumor in local papers in a worst case scenario. Unfortunately the story has successfully been broken open into the internet highways and can therefore not be stopped anymore.

This, however, will have consequences. Expect a lot worse crackdowns on websites and dissenting voices online. Like we have been saying from the start, people have to switch to alternative communication channels such as bitmessage. It’s not because you can’t really see the actions then, as opposed to publicly posted articles on websites, that the information rebellion is not effectively doing its job. On the contrary, our jobs would be easier and less had everyone already switched to bitmessage to inform and stay informed.

December 26, 2016