Politico: Official NATO Auditor Autopsy Confirms Death by “Suicide”

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IRIS · ir-is.org · December 28, 2016 · News Wire #008


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UPDATE December 30, 2016: SyriaGate: NATO in Syria —> Was Yves Chandelon assassinated because of this?

A second mainstream press outlet has decided to weigh in on the mysterious death of NATO Chief Auditor Yves Chandelon – in an attempt to publicly sanitize the case and the people’s minds once and for all.

Yesterday, December 27, Politico Europe published the ‘conclusive’ and the one and only acceptable version of the unfolding of the Chandelon case.

“High-ranking NATO official Yves Chandelon, whose body was found in his car in the Belgian town of Andenne on December 16, killed himself, the chief prosecutor in charge of the case told POLITICO. … Local media reported that Chandelon’s family initially dismissed investigators’ view the death was a suicide, believing it was suspicious. The prosecutor’s office said some members of the family subsequently changed their minds when investigators found a one-page, handwritten note in the car. … The prosecutor’s office will continue to investigate the death and is still conducting a handwriting comparison, though family members have stated they believe it is Chandelon’s handwriting on the note.”

The information included in the above excerpt is entirely false and shows all the signs of family members being pressured into silence because the initial reports about the opinions of Chandelon’s family concerning his alleged suicide are in complete contradiction with that what Politico Europe is now trying to feed its readers and the rest of the world.

The French-language press in Belgium and the German and Turkish press all published several articles in which they stated almost in concert that the family didn’t believe the suicide note was written by Yves Chandelon himself, which is why they insisted that it be investigated, and as Politico has to admit that investigation is not even concluded.

It is a standard recurrence in situations like this where top-level officials are being found dead in mysterious circumstances and family members express their well-founded doubts about the official report and narrative – only to see them very soon mysteriously “rethink” their own positions while the mourning process is far from concluded. The murder of their loved one is still fresh in their minds, the man was killed merely 12 days ago.

The so-called official report now coming from the alleged chief prosecutor that was apparently exclusively provided to Politico is suspicious in many ways.

First of all, at not one point in time was Politico involved in the reporting about this mysterious death of a top-ranked NATO official.

Second, Politico simply may have invented this out of thin air, since there is literally zero reporting [2] in the local press about this alleged development. Nobody but Politico Europe is reporting this as of this moment. And, like we mentioned, they have no track record of being involved in any previous reporting on this case. On the contrary, they have willingly supported the media blackout.

Third, when an outsider and previously uninformed observer looks at this, one can only conclude that indeed some kind of sanitization campaign is ongoing right now, given the very odd situation that exists regarding the death itself and the (non)reporting in and by the English-language international press.

Nothing in the Politico article is conclusive in any way because for everything they want to whitewash they can’t even give us two sources to back up their claims and that is just a basic journalistic principle.

The fact is that Politico Europe was tasked with the scripting of the final part of the coverup and they have accepted that offer.

Like we said from the very start, with the assassination of Yves Chandelon all hopes for a transparent NATO, and fewer wars waged through it, are gone. No one will ever again dare to break the silence on the corruption inside NATO, and their involvement in the illegal killing of millions of innocent people in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

All bets are off!

December 28, 2016