FALSE: Syria is Splitting into 3 De-Facto States to End “Civil War”

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IRIS · ir-is.org · December 28, 2016 · News Wire #010


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UPDATE December 30, 2016: SyriaGate: NATO in Syria —> Was Yves Chandelon assassinated because of this?

A new round of weaponized news is traveling around the world but it is largely a spinoff of this false AFP piece from May 24, 2015.

Today Reuters is being quoted by the full media spectrum – thus, alternative and mainstream – concerning how Russia, Turkey and Iran are allegedly discussing the partitioning of Syria into 3 regional districts that would form the future Syria.

Several problems are obvious with that latest false, or fake, news.

  1. Syria is not part of those discussions? THAT is completely ridiculous. Why would Assad his allies send such a lie into the world? Why would they backstab him in this way, or at all? How can alternative media outlets be so easily duped? Shame on You! You can’t even conduct basic journalism and just blindly repost trash news.
  2. “Such a deal, which would allow regional autonomy within a federal structure controlled by Assad’s Alawite sect, is in its infancy, subject to change and would need the buy-in of Assad and the rebels and, eventually, the Gulf states and the United States, sources familiar with Russia’s thinking say” wrote Business Insider based on Reuters ‘reporting’. Problem? Well: “would need the buy-in of Assad and the rebels and, eventually, the Gulf states and the United States“. Why is this the Gulf states and the US their business anyway? Why on Earth would they be required to “buy-in” on this preposterous suggestion.
  3. “sources familiar with Russia’s thinking say” – what does that even mean, come on now. This is stupid. It’s so obvious that this is fake news coming from Reuters and its parrots. Sources familiar with Russia’s thinking.
  4. “either way Assad would eventually go, in a face-saving way, with guarantees for him and his family” – Well yes, that was the plan from the start when the US and NATO started funding ISIS and Al Qaeda. It’s called REGIME CHANGE – like in the Philippines.
  5. “‘So this country that essentially has an economy the size of Spain, that’s Russia, is strutting around and acting like they know what they are doing,’ said one U.S. official, who declined to be named because of the subject’s sensitivity.”  – who declined to be named because of the subject’s sensitivity. This is likewise absurd. Every US politician that wants his or her career to survive in 2017 is openly stating that Assad must go. There’s nothing sensitive in saying as a US official that Assad must go. You’d speak both in name of Obama and Trump.
  6. “I don’t think the Turks and the Russians can do this (political negotiations) without us.” – and that brings us to the core of this and back to the May 2015 article linked at the beginning of this report. The US wants Assad gone and they want the credit for it. Period!

Yahoo/AFP May 24, 2015: Syria Regime ‘to Accept De Facto Partition’ of Country

At the time, roughly 1 and a half years ago, the Syrian government had never made any statements of such nature. Nor did they suggest anything that even remotely corroborates such an assumption. The article was merely sent into the world to measure the sentiment and possible support for such a future imposed by the western terror alliance – NATO. It was meant to condition the minds of the gullible audience, such as the organizers of the Civil March for Aleppo launched a few days ago.

See for yourself:

  • “Weakened by years of war, Syria’s government appears ready for the country’s de facto partition” – no it’s not. It never was.
  • “Since the uprising against Assad began in March 2011 with peaceful protests” – the uprising was violent and foreign-funded since day one – right after the weaponized Twitter campaign against Iran in 2009.

It never was a civil war too since the crimes have been committed by NATO’s proxy armies against the sovereign state of Syria and its citizens. Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley probably know this better than most of us.

What both articles today show, on the other hand, is that we are in the middle of a highly weaponized information war and most folks haven’t got the slightest clue about it.

December 29, 2016