False Flag AND Inside Job: Istanbul Nightclub Shooting

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JANUARY 20, 2017

DEBUNKED: The Official Story and “Confession” of the Nightclub Shooting in Turkey

JANUARY 16, 2017

Update 22: Turkish Government Confirms Nightclub Shooting Was a False Flag Intelligence Operation

JANUARY 8, 2017

Update 21: The Turkish press is reporting today that an alleged suspect has now been  named (again): Abdulgadir (Abdul Kadir) Masharipov. CNN Turk is running with it too but for now we can’t find any other English-language news sites picking this up aside from Sigma and Daily Sabah. If it is factual at all.

Note: RT is now also picking this up.

JANUARY 6, 2017

Update 20: Remember what was printed by the press on the very night of the shooting:

“A perpetrator of the attack on Istanbul’s Reina nightclub was killed, The Guardian reported on Sunday citing Turkish officials. Police started to leave the site of the attack, according to The Guardian’s correspondent.”

JANUARY 5, 2017

Update 19: Hassan Khashoggi, alleged witness: In his interview with Al Arabiya, Khashoggi disclosed that there were three attackers, including a woman. He said he heard a person screaming: “Why does she want to kill us?” He stated that their shooting methods affirmed that they were well-trained. “They did not shoot randomly, but rather walked between tables and pointed at the clients. ”Hassan Khashoggi said that he knew from their accent that they were not Arabs, but foreigners. … “The police made us sit with other survivors in the station near the restaurant, and then transferred us in two cafes close to the station, and brought water for us. An officer then came and told us that one of the suspects is sitting amongst us, and asked each one to sit next to his companion, for identification and processing.”

JANUARY 4, 2017

Update 18: Remember Reuters and CNN their first report: “One attacker was still inside an Istanbul nightclub after an armed attack early on Sunday and police special forces were preparing an operation to enter the building, broadcaster CNN Turk said.”

Update 17: Christopher Bollyn’s report about ISIS claiming the attack in the Reina explains in detail why also we earlier (January 2) warned for the false news about this – because it came from SITE Intel.

Update 16: Witness claim: “it took police 90 minutes before arriving on the scene. Perplexingly, their presence proved to be of little help. ‘The problem is that the police stayed outside. They couldn’t control the situation because they were afraid that they [shooters] might have bombs.’ The shooter later managed to escape, after which the police finally entered the nightclub and led the survivors up to the roof. She added that even at this point they could still hear shooting for another ten minutes.”

Update 15: FALSE FLAG AND INSIDE JOB: “It was determined that 3 policemen who worked at the door that night were not there by chance during the attack.”

Not by chance, though. The security firm that was hired 10 days before the attack knows exactly why those police officers were not there that night. The possibility that it indeed was an Israeli firm gets bigger and bigger by the day as clues and evidence keep piling up.

Additionally, “The terrorist, a citizen of one of the Central Asian countries, left one of the outfits he was wearing after the attack. The attacker did not take the bag he had put in the trunk of the taxi when he was coming to Ortaköy. It was claimed that a cell phone from the terrorist appeared inside the bag.”

And that means 100% false flag, guaranteed. This time it was not a passport or immigration papers that were magically found at the scene, this time it was the mobile phone which also mysteriously had a “selfie” video saved for easy identification by the Turkish police. After that the “Iakhe Mashrapov lead” was falsely planted to make the Turkish government look incompetent. It – the attack – has pretty much ISRAELI GOVERNMENT written all over it, from beginning till end.

As the toppling of the Turkish government is being advanced, a new “lead” is published today, claiming that the code name of the alleged “ISIS” fighter is Abu Muslim Horasani. Likely referring to the historical Persian general and likewise referring to the “super secret” Khorasan terror brigade that allegedly makes ISIS look like boy scouts.

The same Khorasan refers also to teachings that have everything to do with Israel that in such settings would see a caliphate rise within its very state boundaries which in turn would lead to the end of the jewish state itself.

(Armies carrying) black flags will come from Khurasan (Afghanistan). No power will be able to stop them and they will finally reach Jerusalem where they will erect their flags.”

There are some other remarkable truths to be found in old Khorasan teachings, such as that arab-muslim factions would be fighting each other to dominate the region – some supported by foreign powers.

Update 14: Turkey extends emergency rule by three months

Update 13: Iakhe Mashrapov from the Kyrgyz Republic has reportedly been cleared from charges or any involvement in the Reina shootings. It appears that that (dis)information has been deliberately planted in the newswires by those who have a lot to gain from Turkey’s collapse. Who has the influence to plant false news in the international news wires? For sure it is not ISIS!

Update 12: We’ve informed our members and readers on December 31 – January 1 that the attack was a false flag attack and that it was an inside job.

Hurriyet: “The authorities are evaluating how the attacker knew all of Reina’s exits, including the three secret doors known only by the personnel working there. He also knew that the guards of the nightclub were not carrying guns and that weapons were not allowed inside the club. … The attacker reportedly had no trouble escaping from the scene and the authorities are evaluating whether he received any help from the inside.”

JANUARY 3, 2017


Local reports claim that three casings have been recovered from US-made stun grenades, suspect(s) used them while reloading AK47. The suspect in the videos is said to have entered Turkey 15 days before the shooting at the Reina.


It is completely unconfirmed if the passport belongs to the shooter at all and where the press got it but it appears that they are running with this story now. Iakhe Mashrapov from the Kyrgyz Republic is for now their prime suspect.

Update 9: Istanbul Police Detain Family Members of Reina Nightclub Attack Perpetrator

“The perpetrator of Reina nightclub attack has been identified. APA reports quoting Milliyyet.com.tr that he was identified as an Uyghur Turk who came to Konya with his family in November last year. Police released footage of the gunman. In order not to attract attention, the terrorist brought his wife and two children with him. The police detained his family members.”


Therefore we are going for the checkmate in the following way, while also shredding this continuing lie: The seven-minute rampage left 39 dead and dozens injured“.


Claim: “Before the attack, the gunman is believed to have taken a cab from the Zeytinburnu low income district, avoiding CCTV on public transport. He got out of the cab due to heavy traffic close to the club and walked for four minutes to reach Reina.”

Problem: Zeytinburnu is in the opposite direction of where he came from while shooting his assumed AK47 at the Reina’s entrance (note, they have edited the original video).

He then allegedly traveled northwards, to Kuruçeşme:

To then allegedly, again traveling in the opposite direction, to take a ferry to the Yalova Terminali. To eventually disappear in Bursa.

Update 6: Photos: People Really Died Inside Reina Nightclub – It’s NOT a Hoax

We have specifically refrained from posting these explicit photos but apparently many people can only be satisfied when they can become part of sensationalism, which is what we have tried to prevent.

JANUARY 2, 2017



From Daily Sabah: “The attack reportedly lasted for seven minutes. He then went to the kitchen, and stayed there for approximately 13 minutes before changing his clothes, taking off his coat, and escaping from the scene amid continued panic. He also cleaned his weapon before leaving the scene.”

First, the time stamps that we have provided further down the report provably neutralize this lie that it took one of the shooters 13 minutes to change his clothes. the time stamp for that is actually 1.23 am (local time), about 5 minutes after one shooter was filmed entering the venue while shooting. This is a fact, you can’t possibly refute or deny this anymore. See the time stamps below.

Second, if the police were allegedly so fast on the scene, as is being claimed by the press, how did they miss this guy just waiting around in the kitchen of the Reina nightclub for 13 minutes? That makes no sense at all. We are at this point 20 minutes into the event, following the mainstream and official story line.

Update 4: Forget about the ISIS claim being authentic. It was first “discovered” by Site Intel (Rita Katz) a.k.a. the Israeli government.

Update 3: KNOW YOUR LIARS: In the English-language mainstream media the Daily Mail is now likely to be the very first to hatch the false ISIS-did-it narrative. You should know that no official source in Turkey has claimed any such thing at all.

Update 2: The Guardian: “The survivors they spoke to all said there were multiple assailants, although Turkish authorities have said there was a lone attacker, and some said they were in contact with each other on walkie talkies.”

Update 1:

From Yunis Turk an alleged witness allegedly interviewed by CNN: “For 10 minutes there was gunfire and then for another five minutes they were throwing bombs, fired a bit more, then left”.

From Batuhan Aytemur on Facebook: “Yes 2 terrorist weared noel father costumes and terrorist used kalashnikov and hand grenade finally 40 people kill”

* * *

Conflicting eyewitness reports and documented time stamps still point to a multi-shooter attack on nightclub Reina. the attack was not a hoax but the lone gunman narrative, on the other hand, IS.

As of now all signs are there to believe that we are dealing with a standard false flag attack planned by US-Israeli handlers and perpetrated by local and foreign patsies. Furthermore, there are clues that strongly suggest INSIDE JOB, as will be explained further down today’s report.

First, discussions about the time stamps taken from the alleged Reina security cameras, inside and outside the venue, and the time frame in which the shootings happened need not be long. The evidence is clear. All in all the shooting lasted about 5 minutes, and that is being generous to the official narrative (when we investigate based on mainstream reporting and “facts”).

Between 1.18 am and 1.21 am (January 1, local time) one of the shooters can be seen entering the Reina nightclub, the camera captures below show that.

At 1.23 am, maximum 5 minutes after one gunman entered the venue while shooting, someone can be seen changing his/her outfit while apparently preparing to exit the Reina.

Here you can see one of the shooters taking off a coat or so, while apparently preparing to leave. The videos are linked in the time stamps.

But, you have to know and understand that the complete CCTV sequences have been edited down to what we have so far. The good stuff where all the details and likely multiple shooters and an explosion are seen have been cut out of public consumption and that proves a lot by itself. They are deliberately hiding the best filmed evidence.

Second, the eyewitness reports provably contradict the time frame above and the mainstream premise of “one terrorist”.

This is important because it shows that the Turkish government, intensely being blackmailed by foreign governments like Israel and the US, is being forced to sell the world the false story of one shooter at the Reina, or else….

Yesterday we already showed you how one woman, who was inside, claimed that multiple shooters were active on new year’s eve in Istanbul’s Reina nightclub.

Also, another alleged witness reported: “There were gun sounds, and after two minutes the sound of an explosion.”

Today we will give you the “eyewitness” report from a Turkish Belgian national, Fatih Kir, who claimed that he was inside the Reina. He was interviewed, on camera, in Turkey on January 1, 2017, in Flemish by one of the biggest TV news stations in Belgium, VTM (Flanders, Belgium).

Romina Van Camp, for VTM: “I meet Fatih on the famous Taksim Square in Istanbul, away from the nightclub. After last night, a place where he don’t want to go back to. Fatih saw the shooter but could escape.”

Fatih: “I first looked and I thought it was one of those explosions that they did, but it wasn’t. They were shooting people. Everybody jumped away and ran. I thought… I also have to run.”

Romina Van Camp: “He ran to the basement where he hid, together with others.”

Fatih: “We closed the door and we still heard shooting, for at least 15 minutes. After that, only after 40 minutes we heard the footsteps of the police entering. We had no [mobile phone] connection there, we couldn’t call, we just had to wait there.” [this completely contradicts Reuters and others who, for instance, claim to be quoting Sefa Boydas, saying police moved in quickly.”

Romina Van Camp: “In the chaos Fatih lost his two friends but they found each other again later, at the police station. Club Reina is a well secured club. Fatih never thought that something would happen to him there.”

Fatih: “We thought it was safe there but apparently it isn’t. My coat and my Turkish pass can stay there, I don’t want them back anymore. I don’t want to go there for a long time.”

Romina Van Camp: “That he barely escaped death is hard to grasp for him.”

Fatih: “It could have been me, I was there too. You have attacks like this everywhere. There was the Paris attack, in Brussels. It can happen everywhere. It just has to stop. I don’t know how but it has to happen. It just has to stop.”

Along with the video, from which the above is the transcript, the following article is posted on the VTM website:

“I saw people dying.” That is what Fatih Kir tells, a 19-year old Belgian from Turkish descent, who saw everything that happened in the nightclub in Istanbul. A shooter opened fire last night, 39 people died, of which one Belgian.

Fatih Kir just arrived with some friends in nightclub Reina, ready to celebrate the new year. But then all hell broke loose: “I was there for ten minutes and then I heard shots from a kalashnikov. There was being fired the entire time. I saw people die,” he tells on the phone with VTM NEWS.


Minutes-long the gunman shot around him, eventually 39 people would die. Initially, Kir didn’t know what was happening or how many shooters there were: “I saw one man with a kalashnikov. I was right at the entrance when that  man started shooting. There were shots being fired for 15 minutes.”

Kir could escape together with security personnel. In the chaos his friends got minor injuries but are all in all OK. But the drama has left a deep impression. “The people were… It was really a disaster yesterday,” he concludes.

Clearly the 15-miute shootout doesn’t fit the time frame that is documented through the security camera captures and related media reports of an alleged 7-minute terror. Clearly someone is lying and from what it appears it is not the eyewitnesses.

Under serious pressure from the US, the Turkish government has ordered a media blackout of the shooting. Only official government statements are allowed to be published by the press, out of fear that fake news would become  dominant in the course of the current news cycle. Fake news, likely being the critical reports as the one we have published here today at IR-IS.org.

To no one’s surprise, the European Council on Foreign Relations, which was established with the support of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, strongly condemns the Turkish government for the attack:

“Nothing that the government is doing is helping make Turkey more secure. The crackdown on domestic dissidents is further destabilizing the country, and when it is not destabilizing, it is increasing the dangerous polarization here.”

When eyewitness reports contradict the official version, when more than one shooter was active and when George Soros his money is involved in the whitewash then it needs little further explanation to see that Turkey is finding itself in the middle of a regime change offense that is being planned and executed by foreign interests, such as the USA and Israel. More so since Turkey is partially responsible for the cease-fire in Syria which has really angered the US and Israeli governments because such a development sabotages their regime change offense in Syria to topple Assad.

Inside Job

Early on it was reported by Hurriyet and the Jerusalem Post that the owner of the club, Mehmet Kocarslan, had told journalists that the security of the club had been transferred to a further unnamed entity, days before the shooting at his club in Istanbul.

“Hurriyet quoted Reina’s owner, Mehmet Kocarslan, as saying security measures had been taken over the past 10 days after U.S. intelligence reports suggested a possible attack.”

The above was initially also reported by the Jerusalem Post but has since today been removed from their article where it appeared.

What that indicates, more and more likely, is that the security of the Reina club was recently outsourced to an Israeli security company. That would explain why the Jerusalem Post, of all places, would delete that part of their article after difficult questions were being received by them.

Bottom line, that Israeli security firm facilitated the attack and we demand to see hard evidence that can completely destroy our position on this.

Santa Claus

The reports of at least one of the shooters allegedly being dressed as a Santa Claus makes sense from one perspective, for sure. Many of the police officers that were on duty in Istanbul and around the Reina were “camouflaged” as Santa Claus, while others were undercover as street vendors. This would certainly explain why at least one shooter was spotted, allegedly, as a Santa and how he got away.

Knowing that the security at Reina was compromised, a Santa that would exit and eventually leave the Reina minutes (or 15 minutes) after the shootings, completely unhindered, makes a lot of sense and will be hard to refute successfully.

Any reports that will now come out and try to sell you an ISIS-did-it narrative are pure fabrications and none of them will address the damning facts presented here.

Updates may follow.

JANUARY 1, 2017

Regardless of what the media will be claiming, there were 3 shooters in nightclub Reina in Istanbul, Turkey, on new year’s eve 2016.

Early reports stated that: “those in the club reported seeing up to three attackers, carrying kalashnikovs” and “two people were shooting with weapons”.

And Heavy, even today, continues to claim that:

The Attackers Were Dressed In Santa Suits: According to CNN, attackers opened fire inside Reina nightclub, around 1:15 a.m. and they were dressed in Santa suits.

The New York Times reports that the club’s owner Mehmet Kocarslan reported the assailants using Kalashnikov rifles as their weapons.

The Assailants Have Not Been Identified: In a report made by Al Jazeera, one of the attackers is believed to have been killed at the scene.

Experience has learned us that the first reports are always much closer to the truth than the narrative spinnings afterwards when the numerous press and media outlets have streamlined their reporting.

January 1, 2017