Photos: People Really Died Inside Reina Nightclub – It’s NOT a Hoax

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IRIS · · January 3, 2017 · News Wire #012


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This is an update for: False Flag AND Inside Job: Istanbul Nightclub Shooting

We have been sitting on these photos from inside the nightclub since December 31 / January 1 but haven’t uploaded them since it was clear from the start for us that the shooting in the Reina was real. But for some reason in the past two days more and more “truth” websites are claiming that the shootings were fake and that no one died in Istanbul’s nightclub.

Therefore we will post the photos here today that clearly show the dead bodies inside nightclub Reina in Turkey, on new year’s eve 2016.

As a reference, check these photos from the Reina’s interior to confirm that indeed the shooting happened inside the same club and that the corpses were really there.

Also check these photos as used by the mainstream press, to see that it are photos from the same crime scenes.

We have specifically refrained from posting these explicit photos but apparently many people can only be satisfied when they can become part of sensationalism, which is what we have tried to prevent.

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January 3, 2017