IRIS is Under Attack for Reporting About the Reina (Istanbul) False Flag Attack

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IRIS · · January 3, 2017 · News Wire #013


Get familiarized with BitWars, it might very well be our last line of defense!

Today we are informing our members and website visitors that our website is under attack and is actively being blacklisted by EU and US government agencies and by corporations that utilize private IPs that can’t be further investigated by us online since they render no useful results concerning their locations and identifications.

The attacks against our website, that have increasingly been occurring since our critical coverage of the shootings in nightclub Reina in Istanbul, Turkey, are mainly of such nature that we are being falsely reported and marked as a website that poses a “serious security risk” for people’s and companies’ devices and that we are an “active distributor of trojans”.

In several other instances potential visitors are warned that our website is “potentially unsafe, not appropriate for business usage or has been identified as consuming significant amounts of network bandwidth and resources.” That of course is ludicrous as well, is a perfectly safe website and nothing published here should be regarded as not being appropriate for business usage (on the contrary we would say), nor does the website drain anyone’s bandwidth or resources, that is totally false.

In yet other instances website visitors are allowed to visit the site but get a black screen instead that is being placed over the webpage content for about 95% of the PC screen by blocking software.

We have confirmed this through a number of methods and through dozens of links listed in our traffic stats (we’ve edited out the ID parameters as we will use them to counter the censoring and attacks):

–… (15)

– …/cgi-bin/blockOptions.cgi?ws-session=… (23)

– …/php/urlblock.php?vsys=… (11)

Whatever it is that we publish that is hated or deemed hostile we will not refrain from continuing our work. It are also instances like this that show the urgent need for folks to switch to alternate communication channels, such as bitmessage.

IRIS already has an active solution for this through our website. Once again we urge everyone to subscribe to all our bitmessage channels to circumvent the censors.

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Like we have said before, the extermination of the real resistance has been shifted into higher gears and the longer people wait to switch to alternate channels the more difficult it will become to get your hands on real valuable information and intel.

January 4, 2017