Civil21: Countering Foreign Governments and Multinationals in the Regions of the Future

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IRIS · · January 6, 2017

About a month ago we founded IRIS, right here in the Philippines and not just by accident, for the sovereign nation is located in the region of the world that literally is the future.

In many – or most – ways Europe and the rest of the western world have had their best times up until the turning of the century. After 9/11 in 2001 the USA and the EU region – the self-proclaimed leaders of so-called democracy, prosperity and human rights – have by design been thrust into a downward spiral that will eventually lead to the demise of both supranational blocks as they are known and comprised today.

The future for freedom and self-determination is no longer situated in the regions where the so called powers that want to be oppress and thrive – being “the old West”. The epicenter of freedom and self-determination has shifted to Asia and specifically to south east Asia. Multinational financial institutions have known this for a long time and they have already placed their bets accordingly. It is only recently that this awareness – or even foreknowledge – has been trickling into the rest of society and into business models.

Unfortunately, when the trend of ’emerging market’ has evolved into ‘leading market’, for countries such as the Philippines, those people who only at that point discover or are willing to take part in the future will find themselves standing among those that are last in line. As is always the case.

From another perspective, the niche market of ‘conspiracy theories’, for instance, that has been built and exploited during the past 2 decades worldwide has already resulted in thriving alternative news and prepper businesses but the pioneers of that time and their more recent copycats are in many cases not practicing what they preach. Hardly a small minority of them are actually strategically relocating, as it is popularly referred to. Hardly a small minority have had and will have the courage to change their habitat before disaster strikes.

But disaster has struck already. There’s no need to await much worse. Personal freedom and self-determination have been under attack and the attack is entering its final phases. Soon the old West will merely be a shadow of itself and many books have been dedicated to this shift. Yet only a few, relatively, have taken the time to read them or investigate what they claim.

It is in our opinion not foreseen, however, that millions of foreigners from the old West will actually take the necessary steps to relocate to south east Asia. Most people, time and again, prove that they feel quite comfortable as the figurative frogs that are being boiled incrementally. History shows this and the ‘modern’ infotainment and materialism that have been scientifically engineered by the multinationals will see to it as well.

For those who will take the step and will strategically relocate, IRIS and its Civil21 program are truly something that they should know about and consider to participate in.

It is our strong belief that local populations, anywhere in the world, should decide and handle their own governance, politics and politicians. It is a cornerstone of what we call neo-sovereignism. No outside interest should interfere when it is not asked for by the local population. And even in such cases where a city or country requests outside help it should indeed be limited to what is being requested. Situations like the Middle East wars are unfortunately historical events that prove this point, where it goes totally wrong when foreign powers on their own terms invade, bomb and impose sanctions.

On the other hand, local populations such as in the Philippines do have a need for help in successfully identifying the attacks that they are being exposed to by foreign governments and multinational financial institutions and corporate dynasties.

Foreigners who decide to strategically relocate to the Philippines or other south east Asian countries are urged by us to actively participate in the programs and possibilities that aim at defending the sovereignty, the local communities and preserving the freedoms that still exist there. Freedoms that have long been lost in the old West.

Through Civil21 the new residents from the West, or anywhere else, can do just that. They can be actively involved and can engage the local communities with friendly projects or campaigns that seek to inform and make aware those who have no access to or are prevented from obtaining critical intelligence about what is really happening in the world and to their community and the future of their children if they don’t respond properly.

It is exactly because of the fact that the south east Asian region is the new epicenter of freedom and self-determination that we have to protect it and continue to declare it as such. It is something very precious and, maybe ironically, it needs guardians from abroad.

January 6, 2017