Controlled Opposition Doesn’t Mean Physical Ownership is Required

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IRIS · · January 6, 2017


Get familiarized with BitWars, it might very well be our last line of defense!


IRIS can rightfully be categorized as a crucial component of the real hardcore international information rebellion but unfortunately this rebellion is getting smaller every day even though it is assumed that more and more people are getting aware of the real power structure in this world and the lies that the press is, and has been, spreading.

Nonetheless, the true rebellion is slowly but surely dying and it is not because websites and email lists are being bought up by the powers that want to be.

You don’t have to physically, or on paper, own a website, magazine or newsletter service in order to have it rendered compromised and a fully controlled venue or tool. One of the most recent examples that makes this glaringly clear will be given a little further down today’s report.

As long as so-called alternative media outlets keep copy/pasting fabricated ‘news’ on their websites and plugging it into their radio shows the majority of those who call themselves “truthers” hasn’t got the slightest chance to ever witness true victory over the oppressors, simply because of the fact that they have constantly been misguided on purpose.

Those who seek your enslavement do not have to own your body. They don’t have to own your favorite alternative media website. All they have to do is push BS hard enough to have also your favorite ‘alt hero’ sell you the lie.

Take for instance the story of false hero Donald Trump who allegedly claimed that the CIA is about to be reshuffled. When the fabricated story was launch in the press, it was instantly and blindly parroted by alt media land on literally hundreds of “truth” websites. Only for the real rebellion to conclude and establish that the whole story was, and still is, fake.

At this point it doesn’t matter anymore whether or not the duped audiences can later read on their favorite alternative websites that an update had been amended to the story they previously read, since the story is already living a life of its own. Most “truthers” will not accept the retraction, the update or editor’s note. They’ll basically say it’s a conspiracy and that Trump said that all along.

What in this case has again provably happened is that thousands of “truthers” have been mocked and conned. Nonetheless, they’ll come back tomorrow to the same websites that conned them today to consume yet more of the BS. It’s a perfect business when you think about it. ‘Truth junkies’ coming back every day to their compromised dealer for their propaganda and fake news fix, endlessly and eagerly. Hell, they’d kill and die for it.

January 6, 2017