IRIS Completes Investigation into Fort Lauderdale Shooting

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IRIS · · January 7, 2017


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Here’s What You Have to Know About the Shooting at Fort Lauderdale:

First, when the media, the full spectrum, is implying that the alleged shooter heard voices telling him to fight for ISIS you already know for sure that they are spinning a weaponized story that is meant to attack your state of mind, aimed at getting you into full submission and in support of all out war both on sanity and islam.

Second, “a few months ago, he walked into the FBI’s office in Anchorage, claiming that the CIA was forcing him to join ISIS. Officials say local police were called, and he went voluntarily to a mental health facility for treatment.”

When you read that all you can conclude is that either it is complete BS or that the alleged Esteban Santiago is a mind control patsy whose program had gone wrong or was not yet completed. It’s either that or he realized at that point that he was being set up for a near-future job. In the alleged mental institution the CIA would in such case have had full access to the asset to further brainwash and prep him for the Fort Lauderdale gig.

Lastly, when the news media is behaving in a way that defies all humane values, such as here, and people are largely OK with that in order to get their propaganda fix then we see no hope for any of them.

Unlike the false flag nightclub shooting in Turkey, this charade needs no further comments and investigation from us or any other serious component of the true rebellion.

This concludes the IRIS investigation of the Fort Lauderdale Shooting on January 6, 2017.

January 7, 2017