There Aren’t Many Who Do, But Allan C. Weisbecker Deserves Recognition As a True Hardcore Information Rebel

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By Koen  Jacobs for IRIS · · January 8, 2017


Get familiarized with BitWars, it might very well be our last line of defense!


I came across the work of Allan about 2 years ago, if I can remember correctly, after someone had first told him about my work at that time. At that time I was already turning into a skeptical alt media observer, since I had then recently stumbled upon several occasions where alleged alternative media outlets and “heroes” had been willingly deceiving their audiences and fans – for quite a while it now seems.

After going through the standard and mandatory sniff testing I decided to subscribe to the Allan C. Weisbecker Blog updates, through his website Bandito Books.

For those who don’t know, Allan is also the producer of the informative and yet entertaining film Water Time; Surf Travel Diary of a MadMan. A glimpse into the world of a man’s quest for truth. I strongly recommend you watch the film, I’ll also embed it here:

A few days ago Allan started publishing posts and updates again on his website after apparently having been drawn into deep contemplation, which had prevented him from posting followups on his site for almost a half year.

As I was asking myself why it had been so long since the last time that I read or heard anything about Allan, just a few days before his latest 2-part report, I was kindly surprised when I received a notification in my email inbox the other day informing me that Allan had published a new post on his website.

Considering that he too has continuously been bursting propaganda bubbles, regardless of where it would lead him or who’d become a hostility, his most recent report is more than worthy of being republished by those who deem themselves allies of unconditional truth, wherever they may live.

In “What Happened to Allan” he goes into detail about his latest observations of the alternative media and how the largely – indeed – co-opted or even fake resistance has been impacting and mangling the very premise of critical thinking.

I suggest you read the full report for yourself but I want to post an excerpt from it, below, that literally describes an unheard of issue that basically goes to the very core of the problems that we are facing as a rebellion.

Allan: “If the PTB wanted to know how the election would turn out (and this is under the comedic assumption that it wasn’t rigged from the ground up), it could do so via access to the NSA database, a password or two, and a few ‘play-it-like-a-Steinway’ key strokes. (‘The NSA database’ as I refer to it undoubtedly combines many databases; I’m short-handing here.) In any event, given the data they have on you, how difficult would it be to figure out if you’re going to vote and if so, who for? Really.

Now we can talk about the alt media and maybe ask ourselves who of all of them has pointed out the connection between the election returns and the NSA database. Any that you can think of? Any that said words to the effect that ‘The PTB knew everything about the election before it happened’?

I can’t think of any. Can’t find any and I’m trying… trying…

Among other search attempts, I googled ‘nsa database + predict 2016 presidential election’ and guess what? Not a single link on the first four pages mentioned anything at all about the possibility, let alone utter surety, that the database was used to predict how the population would vote. This surprised even me. I mean, no one?

Please ask yourself why whatever alt media persona you trust – or at least listen to — told you that the PTB didn’t see the Trump victory coming. If that person couldn’t figure out the basics of what I’ve said here, then he/she is consciously deceiving you.”

Think about THAT, it’s a home run all by itself. It hits the nerve right there where it should. It is critical thinking of this nature and on this level that we need to see all the time, yet all we can witness is copy/paste farms in alt land, who basically rehash that what is already known.

Lets put it in another perspective.

We all know of the popular topic “fluoride” and how it is unhealthy, yet we can see on a daily basis how this threat is being rehashed and repackaged without adding new or fresh data. Sure, folks have to know about it and many, many, really do but the fact of the matter is that you are not going to neutralize your enemy, the powers that want to be, with fluff like that. That’s not on their radar anymore. Hell, Mell Gibson ranted on and on about it in his movie Conspiracy Theory and that’s from the 1990s.

The same goes for big gov spying on everyone and everything. I mean seriously. You needed Snowden to tell you about that? You didn’t already know it was going on on such a level and to such extents? Come on now. It was never secret anymore since “THEY LIVE” and that’s 80s. And that’s being very generous at the same time.

Come on now, we cannot win a war like this with fluff like that. We need a hardcore information rebellion not a bunch of wannabes I’m-in-your-corner propaganda bubble prostitutes.

Back to Allan.

January 8, 2017