Is IRIS a Non-Profit Charity Organization?

Not really. Although a substantial portion of our activities can rightfully be regarded as charitable, since its inception the target of the IRIS organization has always been to be a profitable enterprise.

However, not all of our projects and programs have to be profitable, per se. In many instances a break-even result is planned or foreseen.

How Do You Fund Your Organization Aside From the Donations That You Receive?

There are multiple income streams envisioned and implemented that secure the financial survival of IRIS and donations are certainly a part of that. Aside from the donations, though, there are also Sponsor Memberships for instance.

In addition, we offer organizations and companies to invest in IRIS, through a Partner Membership. Such cooperation allows a Partner to have an Advisor position within the IRIS organization. In return for their investment Partners receive a share of the profit made by IRIS.

IRIS is also commercially active on its own, independently from its Partners. For instance, IRIS aims to continuously expand its product and service lines that most importantly serve as promotional channels and vectors. This includes the design and selling of fashion and gadgets and organizing of events for example.

Still, as the management of IRIS is constantly brainstorming on the innovation process at IRIS, the organization also finds itself being an investor on its own. On selected occasions IRIS invests in commercial ideas or business opportunities, either loan-based or investment based. In the case of a loan-based venture IRIS receives a share of the profit, often limited to the first year.

What Does the Name “IRIS” Stand for?

The original abbreviation ‘IR-IS’ (hence, stands for ‘interreligious’ and ‘interspiritual’. In the very beginning, even before the organization was officially established, the idea was to create an organization that would unite people of various religions, the spiritual affiliated individuals and the atheists among us – even though the founders of IRIS are not religious themselves (they were, however, raised following a catholic tradition).

As the formation of IR-IS took shape and the ideas expanded, practically exponentially, it soon became clear that IRIS would become much more than what it was in the earliest stage. Eventually the organization became also a liberty movement and an international non-territorial sovereign organization (IRIS INSO).