IRIS · · December 12, 2016

Dear Brothers, dear Sisters, welcome to IRIS!

While millions of people in the world today are in doubt, are lost and confused, millions more are on the run from war, poverty, misery and loneliness. Yet the world is not responding in a proper way and governments and intergovernmental institutions have let their people down, they have abandoned the very people they are supposed to serve and protect.

Through the decades we have seen the situation getting worse and worse in practically any country on this planet while most folks are simply standing by and waiting for others to get to action and solve the problems. At IRIS we have decided that we will do something about that. We no longer accept this status quo that has led us on sidetracks of reality – by design – but we need to bring people together for this, in order to achieve what billions are waiting for.

Real change. Not the empty-promise kind of change nor the political campaign-like change but change that can be witnessed and enjoyed by all, no matter where we live.

As tensions around the world increase and a new Cold War and World War are upon us it is, now more than ever before, our moment to reach out and unite. We have to restore the balance, we have to counter the darkness that is being forced upon us all by political and sectarian interests that are pursuing agendas of evil.

That is why IRIS is calling all people of the world to pay attention and stand shoulder to shoulder as we move forward, towards victory and liberty for all.


The World’s Proudest Interreligious and Interspiritual Liberty Movement

No matter what your religion is or whether you are an atheist or not, when one falls we all fall. When one is oppressed we all are oppressed. History has shown that over and over again.

We can no longer afford to let religious and spiritual doctrines and agendas stand in our way and divide us while being ruled over heinously and brutally by wicked powers that want to be.

Brothers an Sisters, IRIS invites you to stand united with us and the ones we defend and represent. Let your religious, spiritual and atheist ways of living empower us all and let it bring us closer together, united as a front against oppression and deceit.

No matter where you live and how you grew up, the fact of the matter will always be that TRUTH will set us all free, regardless of the belief system or spiritual affiliation that we have chosen for ourselves.

We can’t let them divide us any longer. Instead, we have to question and find out what they are doing in our names.