We believe that personal liberty is a natural right that everyone is entitled to to enjoy, it is not a luxury or a right or privilege granted by any government or political or economic system.

Based upon this belief IRIS has tasked itself with pursuing liberty for everyone.

Wherever and whenever people are wrongfully being oppressed IRIS will step forward and take upon itself the protection of the oppressed by giving them a voice in the international community and by helping them in their struggles to regain and retain their liberty.

Through the realization and understanding that religious and spiritual boundaries must be overcome in order to set free the oppressed in the world, it is, however, only through strong appreciation for and manifestation of humane values that we can achieve what we envision and religion and spirituality have proven through the ages that they can practice what they preach, without limiting others their liberty. Regardless of co-opting and manipulative interests.

The legacy of IRIS will be a testament of mankind’s ability to forge lasting alliances that pursue liberty regardless of religious or spiritual affiliations.