January 16, 2017

We have repeatedly warned about how the Civil March for Aleppo is bound to be co-opted in favor of the regime change agenda of the NATO terror syndicate. Today the Czech press proves our point.

Prague Morning: The march passed by the Syrian and Russian embassies in Prague sporting banners reading “Stop Putin in Syria” and “Assad is the biggest terrorist”.

Prague Monitor: The participants carried Syrian flags and banners in support of the march reading “Stop Putin in Syria” and “Assad Is the Biggest Terrorist. He Belongs to the Hague.”

While there are no photos provided along with the local press their above claims, the claims by themselves are reason enough to assume that “the civil march” is being weaponized by slick propagandists in order to sufficiently condition the minds of the international audiences – in favor of the no-fly zone over Syria that is to be imposed by the militarized NATO crime cartel in Brussels and Washington.

The reason why we mention this in today’s update is because of the fact that the organizers have always stated, since December 26, that their march is not a political campaign. Yet the sporting of the described banners begs to differ.

January 9, 2017

Today or tomorrow “the march” will reach the Czech border, it is claimed. It is also claimed that still hundreds of people are marching.

However, the following was uploaded by the German public broadcaster ZDF, on January 7, 2017. Again, roughly 50 people are pictured in the march. They are inflating the number of participants, likely to later be able to claim a larger number of victims or deaths when the march has come under attack or has been compromised. Don’t let them fool you, don’t let them lie in your faces. Don’t allow anyone to weaponize this march for any reason.

January 3, 2017


We already have confirmed this latest development but are still asking others to give us feedback on this issue from where they access or use Twitter.

Since two days none of the IRIS tweets seem to appear anymore that are critical of the so-called Civil March for Aleppo, even though these tweets are receiving traffic and real viewers, according to our stats.

The only way that a Twitter account’s tweets are no longer displayed in the newsfeed or under a hashtag feed is when Twitter itself has taken action in such a direction, meaning that they are actively shadow banning the IRIS tweets that are rightfully critical about “the March”.

Please confirm this for yourself here:

Our tweets are here:

Preferably use private browser windows when checking.

When you don’t see our tweets listed anymore in the above mentioned hashtag feeds for both, “TOP” and “LATEST”, then we would like to hear from you. Tell us from which country or region you were checking. Contact us through the website or at

We already have it confirmed but the more feedback we have the clearer our view is on this information warfare campaign that Twitter is engaged in.

It appears the propaganda puppeteers are in need of this “march” to install their no-fly zone in Syria and are now paving the roads for it, by sanitizing Twitter feeds, in order to not burst the by them crafted propaganda bubbles for each and every internet user.

The video below shows today’s confirmation by us for both TOP and LATEST about #civilmarchforaleppo.

January 1, 2017


On December 30, 2016, the following photo was uploaded by the Civil March for Aleppo’s Facebook page. It clearly shows that not more than 50 people are walking in this march.

All reports about hundreds and thousands walking are, thus, provably false. As we expected from the very start.

December 29, 2016


The Civil March for Aleppo is expected to take a little over three months, stretching through the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey. That’s the so-called “refugee route” – taken backwards. More than a million people took that path in 2015 to escape from battlefields in the Middle East.

Per usual, few important points could be said in this respect:

1- The march from Berlin has come too late. The fighting is over and the besieged city of Aleppo has been liberated by the Syrian Army and its Iranian-Russian allies. People have begun returning to their homes and they all have access to humanitarian aid.

2- The Syrian government welcomes peace activists and international aid agencies to help rebuild Aleppo. They can reach the city and contribute because its people need all the humanitarian aid they can get from the international civil society to rebuild their shattered lives.

3- If the true purpose of the march is to build political pressure on ending the fighting, that pressure has to be directed toward the United States and its allies which are still hell-bent on regime changing Syria. Simply put, the terror-ravaged, besieged country is the victim here in need of protection. It is the regime changers that need to be condemned and held to account. Saying otherwise rings hollow.

4- This is not “fighting” or “civil war” between the Syrian government and its people, as the organisers of the Civil March for Aleppo might imagine. This is a full-blown military alliance, US-led war on a sovereign nation, under which ISIL and Al-Qaeda get American weaponry, trained European jihadists, and Saudi-Qatari petro-dollar cash in order to destroy Syria and protect Israel – in collaboration with their “moderate” brothers in arms.

5- There are hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in Europe or on the way to Europe that are yet to get any access to humanitarian aid and protection. The peace activists will be doing us all a big favour if they first build pressure on their own governments to permanently shelter these refugees. They have had enough of clicking the sad or shocked faces on Facebook and Twitter. It’s time to act and express their humanity – to shun division, to help the Europe-bound refugees, to protect their human rights.

6- The peace activists are right to say the situation in Syria is terrible. However, they are way off the line to suggest they should only march for Aleppo. Instead, they should march for Syria. In fact, we should all march for humanity in Syria, where foreign-backed violence and heinous crimes against humanity have escalated amid an absence of meaningful efforts to end the dirty war.

Tragic enough, as winter approaches, the US-led globalist criminal syndicate continues to do the opposite, carrying out deliberate and indiscriminate attacks on civilians. Many of the worst affected civilians are women with young children who are suffering shock and trauma, and lack food, safe water, hygiene and medical attention. There are large temporary camps now in places like Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon where conditions are no good either.

To make a difference, therefore, the Civil March for Aleppo group can and should appeal for Western support to ensure 2017 will be the year of global march for ending the war on Syria. It will go a long way for millions of women and children refugees in this six-year disaster.

December 29, 2016

There may have been only about 100 people who actually participated in the first episode of the march, not 300 or “thousands”.

December 29, 2016

Yesterday Al Jazeera officially started to put its considerable media weight behind the Civil March for Aleppo.

Not only that, they actually echo the demands of the allegedly expelled Syrian moderate rebels in the march, as can be seen in the screenshots below taken from Al Jazeera’s own uploaded Youtube video – of which we have downloaded our copy already. We have so far, it is merely day 3 of the march, been right all along, about how the march would be co-opted by many media and political vultures. We don’t even dare to envision how this “civil” march will be transformed in the coming months. One thing is already sure though, the Civil March for Aleppo is indeed a Propaganda March on Aleppo and it is weaponized already.

Thus, in charge of today’s propaganda streamlining is Al Jazeera.

December 29, 2016


IRIS its research into “the march” is expanding every day and we try to stay ahead of the co-opting vultures out there in order to neutralize their potential no-fly-zone vehicle before it ever arrives in Syria. We simply have the moral duty to do so.

Today we found out that in all likelihood George Soros his Open Society will soon set its eye on the Civil March for Aleppo too, if not already.

The excerpt on the left comes from Emma Lewis’s blog and describes how Global Voices (sponsored by Soros) is internally apparently discussing “the march” that is organized by Anna Alboth, who has been featured at Global Voices several times through the years. This development is important because we all know that Soros is a notorious financier of both sides in many conflicts and social unrest events. Nothing good will come from his money when it starts to sponsor this march.

December 28, 2016

In charge of today’s propaganda streamlining is the Agence France-Presse (AFP): exhibit.

December 28, 2016


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After being spotted by observers with the “revolutionary” Syrian flag on her side, the organizer of the March Anna Alboth was forced into damage control in the second-day episode of her months-long event.

The fact that she and her followers don’t know the difference between the official flag and the opposition flag of Syria tells us that the group that is walking towards already LIBERATED Aleppo is bound for a major and likely deadly co-opting by the Pentagon who already smells political and military virginity in the Civil March for Aleppo’s gullible supporters.

As part of her damage control the Syrians who were carrying their revolutionary flag in the March, and were sharing it with completely uninformed useful idiots who even put it around their necks wearing it as a scarf, were asked to remove their flag from the March, as it would further put the effort in a compromised position after it was earlier exposed that the intention of the Civil March for Aleppo is to help install a no-fly-zone over Syria. Paving the way for unhindered NATO bombing campaigns in Syria, as part of the democratic alliance’s regime change agenda for Syria.

Don’t worry, however, when one side has for now been unsuccessful in co-opting the March, another attempt and other side will soon pop up.

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December 27, 2016

Remember to follow Vanessa Beeley’s and Eva Bartlett’s blogs where true independent reporting about the war on Syria can be found.

December 27, 2016

An interesting report by Barbara McKenzie: “The Civil March on Aleppo has the Foreign Office’s Prints All Over It

December 27, 2016

The streamlining of mainstream press coverage of the “Civil March for Aleppo” is in full swing. Already, in less than 24 hours since the departure, has the initiative been transformed into a ‘political correct’ propaganda tool, when it allegedly simply started as a grassroots initiative.

In charge of today’s propaganda streamlining is the Associated Press (AP): exhibit 1, exhibit 2.

December 27, 2016

The media is trying to make it look like that there were “thousands” of participants that started to march towards Syria on December 26, but the reality is far less have showed up and are walking with the organizers. Their campaign website and social media profiles indicate that about 300 people are actively marching as of this moment.

FALSE, FAKE NEWS: “Several thousand people on Monday started a march from Berlin to Syria, appealing in this way for an end to the fighting in that country.”

The media hyping and their false information is already spreading, don’t let them turn this march into a full-blown war machine. You know that they are hyenas and the Pentagon is certainly planning their decisive move on when to best co-opt the movement to install the no-fly zone in Syria (as was the plan since 2011). Bank on it!

December 27, 2016


The deceptively named Civil March for Aleppo seeks only one real thing, and that is exactly why it has been receiving such an enormous media support.


Before they were exposed for this, the organizers of the Civil March for Aleppo published on their website that they “need the no-fly zone” and “stand up for the no-fly zone in Syria”, as can be confirmed through the excerpts from their website below BEFORE they deleted those statements after being exposed as frauds and deceivers.

From the very onset of the initiative it was the prime intention to propagandize in favor of the invading armies of the NATO block and its regional allies, all proven and extensively documented aggressors in this war.

We at IRIS have very good reasons to invite you to stand by us as we counter this act of war that will ensnare many more harmless and gullible citizens and cause the illegal killings of thousands, both Syrians and Europeans.

December 27, 2016


An alleged independent “grassroots” initiative that receives full, prime-time, mainstream media attention and support automatically becomes suspicious to those who understand the concept of weaponizing information dissemination.

Were it so that the Civil March for Aleppo truly was a neutral initiative that takes no sides whatsoever in the Syrian war then for sure hardly any TV network or newspaper would provide the organizers of such an undertaking with a decent and influential platform to launch their initiative from.

At IRIS it is our moral duty to counter this already weaponized campaign that indeed truly is a Propaganda March on Aleppo, for it gives full narrative support and it subscribes to the pretext of the illegal war being waged by the NATO alliance and its Middle East and Gulf associates.

We cannot simply stand on the sidelines here and let this monstrous deception take off unhindered because in the course of the coming weeks and months it will absorb an ever larger portion of the gullible international public who, with their good-hearted mentality, will wrongfully put their weight, money and propaganda bubbles behind it – only to favor the war departments of the USA, NATO, the EU and Israel. That will the eventual result be, bank on it. If people don’t see this coming then ina few months from now we are going to be forced to say “we told you so”.

Fortunately, IRIS is not the only one that can smell the BS in this from miles away. For instance, when you look at the associated video that was uploaded to Youtube on November 30, 2016, you can clearly see that a very big majority of the critical thinkers in this world reject and want to resist this bound-to-be war deception. As of today the video “#CivilMarchForAleppo – will you join us?” has 29.201 views on Youtube. While only 247 viewers voted in favor of the piece, 1288 viewers gave it a rightful negative feedback or downvote.

In addition, the alleged neutral initiative has already raised 16,000 EURO in only 22 days and that shows the power of the mainstream media support that they are increasingly receiving. In contrast, try to raise a thousand dollars to organize a campaign that wants to document the war crimes committed by the NATO alliance in their illegal war in Syria. Try to raise 500 dollars to make a film about how the Pentagon and NATO have been arming, training, supplying and protecting the mercenaries in Syria, the so-called democratic opposition. Hell, try to raise $20 for a your blog where you publish real truth and see how difficult it is to have folks give you a donation in return for your free, tiring and endless work.

December 26, 2016

Today, it is claimed, thousands of participants will gather in Berlin, Germany and start to march to Aleppo, Syria in an alleged grassroots protest movement that seeks the end of the Syrian war.

In the war in Syria, according to the organizers of the march, the carnage is being inflicted on the civilians of Aleppo “by the Bashar al-Assad regime and its Russian, Iranian, and other allies, with apparent total impunity and indifference from the international community.”

Regardless of the fact that Aleppo has rightfully been retaken by the Syrian government, regardless of the fact that people are literally celebrating the liberation of Aleppo by their government, regardless of the fact that the western invading alliance (NATO) has been funding, training and supplying terror groups that are still wrongfully being called the democratic opposition and regardless of the fact only Russia and Iran have received official clearance to be militarily involved in the war for an independent and sovereign Syria, the march’s organizer Anna Alboth is still convinced that “this war can be ended with a few strokes of a pen.”