Countering the Western Propaganda

Page last updated December 28, 2016

In light of the revelations concerning the “blueprint” of former US ambassador Goldberg in the Philippines to assist in the undermining and toppling of the Duterte administration IRIS subscribes to and republishes the in the Philippines widely accepted death toll numbers in the so-called war on drugs and crime.

In the western mainstream media the real numbers are being doubled at best and this seriously misrepresents the reality in the Philippines. Once again the mainstream media in the USA and Europe are caught lying and deceiving their readers and viewers.

IRIS is convinced that we have to respond clearly to this information warfare campaign initiated by the western propaganda machine, more so, now that we know it is part of a much wider agenda that seeks the destruction of the Duterte administration.

Duterte became president because he was elected for his hard stances on several issues and when the people here want just that then no outside power, foreign government or alleged human rights organizations such as the extremely compromised Human Rights Watch have any business with that since their rights are not being violated at all, nor are their incomes and citizens and members.

Socially the Philippines has been neglected by most previous administrations and presidents, Duterte has inherited that situation when he was voted into office, truly upon the request by the people. Unlike in many other alleged democratic nations where the media is owned by the ruling elite that decide for the public who will be their “leader”.

As of this day the official number of deaths that involved the Philippine police forces in the war on drugs and crime stands at 1536. In contrast, the western media reports claim the number to be around 6,000, that based on wild estimates that are not backed up by any evidence or official documents and statements.

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These interactive map and charts show the drug-related fatalities reported since May 10, 2016 based on ABS-CBN’s independent monitoring of national and local news reports, and PNP Regional Office press releases.

1) Killed during police operations: The alleged drug suspects were killed by policemen in anti-illegal drug operations (such as buy-bust operations, Oplan Tokhang, Oplan Galugad etc.) that reportedly escalated to a shootout. This category also includes individuals killed by policemen after the suspects allegedly put up a fight when they were accosted for other illegal activities but were later found in possession of drugs, and the cases were referred as drug-related in news reports.

2) Killed by unidentified assailants: the individuals were killed in shooting incidents by unidentified assailants or by motorcycle-riding gunmen. The incidents were either witnessed by other people or captured on CCTV. Policemen or barangay officials would later say that the slain individuals were involved in drugs—either as user, pusher, or both—and conclude that the incidents were drug related. In some cases, relatives of the slain individuals would also say that the victims had already previously surrendered in Oplan Tokhang.

3) Bodies found away from the crime scene: the victims’ bodies were dumped away from the crime scene. The bodies either bore a label tagging the victims in drug-related activities (usually a cardboard bearing the words “drug pusher” “drug user” or “drug addict”) or illegal drugs were reportedly recovered from the body. The victims’ faces and bodies usually bore gunshot wounds, and in some cases, stab wounds as well. The victims’ arms or legs, or both, were often found bound and their bodies wrapped in tape. – ABS-CBN

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